Business Mentoring for Stylists & Image Consultants

Support & guidance wherever you are on your business journey

Are you feeling as if you are on a cash flow rollercoaster…?

You have successfully completed your style and image training. You have built a great network of clients and supporters locally. But, you are fed up of seeing your bank balance fluctuate from one month to the next and you would love to earn a consistent income.

You know that you could be doing more to ramp up your business success.

You may have invested in a website or are thinking of doing so and want to make sure that it will work effectively for you. Perhaps you would like to create an online course or write an e-book.

And, you might have dabbled in social media, written blog posts, recorded FaceBook lives, created Instagram reels or even danced on Tik Tok!

However, you now want some joined up thinking and a strategy to follow in order to earn the money that you deserve and wave goodbye to those feast and famine months.

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You are in luck!

Because Gail offers in-depth and completely personalised Coaching & Mentoring Sessions to Image Consultants and Personal Stylists who are struggling with what to do next.

Gail’s teaching and support as a personal stylist trainer and mentor were nothing short of exceptional. Her wealth of knowledge, dedication, and adaptability are unmatched, and her ability to create a supportive learning environment is truly amazing.

Heather Riches

Personal Styling Consultant, Colours Connect

Topics that could be included in Your Stylist Business Mentoring Sessions…

There really is no limit to the topics that might be discussed during your one to one, and totally personalised coaching sessions.

We work together to find the right solution for YOU.

Here are some ideas of topics that have been covered in previous sessions with other Consultants & Stylists.

Nailing Your Niche

Often the hardest thing to do because you probably want to help everyone! However, it does make marketing sense to focus your message towards a certain demographic. Often one that you have personal experience of… Gail will help you to find and nurture this group of ideal clients.

Planning Your Website

Often a big investment of time and money so you want to ensure that you get this right from the outset. Gail has created and helped create the content for numerous websites, both in her business and for other consultants

Gail Morgan pointing at Business Mentoring options

Maximising Your Website

If you already have a website but you feel it is underperforming. Gail has a great eye for detail and will help you tweak the content so that it becomes the perfect place to entice your potential clients.

Creating a successful lead magnet

Allowing you to build your all important email list.

Developing an Online Course

Create your course content and discover  where to host your course & promote it to your potential clients.

Moving into Corporate Training

Share your knowledge in the corporate environment. How to promote your seminars & workshops and the topics to include.


Your Options

If you just need a quick piece of guidance then an hour with Gail could be all you need to revolutionise your business.

However, many stylists find that they prefer a longer term approach and so book one of the stylist business mentoring packages.

We start with a complimentary 30 minute chat to scope out your requirements and then each session lasts approximately one hour.

1 x Session

Perfect if you have a couple of questions and are looking for clarity.


4 x Sessions

Ideal if you have a long term project you need support & help with.


6 x Sessions

Perfect if you need a strategy or are starting from scratch on a project.


Would you like more details?

Book a no obligation call with Gail to discuss your options by hitting the button below.

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