Colour Analysis Training Courses

Discover how you could offer Colour Analysis Sessions to your clients, increasing their confidence and your turnover…

Our Colour Analysis Training is perfect for you if…

You would love to be able to offer this life changing service to your clients, complimenting your existing business or being part of a more in-depth styling service.

You want to gain a deeper understanding of colour theory, skin tone analysis, and how to effectively deliver face to face Colour Analysis sessions.

You know that offering Colour Analysis will help you to stand out from your competition, widen your client base and increase your potential.

Does this sound like you…? 

  • You are intrigued by the power of colour analysis and how it can transform people’s confidence.
  • You already run an existing service based business – working as a life/business coach, alternative therapist, personal trainer, hairdresser, professional organiser, boutique owner or trainer.
  • You know that adding a colour analysis service to your business would attract new clients and would help your existing clients.
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Don’t worry, no prior knowledge of colour analysis is required, and there’s no need to have any retail or fashion experience…

What is Colour Analysis?

Colour analysis is a simple, yet highly effective process. By observing a person’s natural skintone, eye colour and hair colour, you can determine their best colour palette.

This information can then be used to help select clothing, make-up, accessories and hair colours, relevant to their lifestyle and wardrobe.

Colour analysis is the recommended first step in any personal style consultation. This is because it quickly transforms both a client’s wardrobe and their self-esteem.

Colour analysis works for both men and women.


Colour swatch and pink jacket

Our Colour Analysis Training is based around the 4 x season concept, because it is the easiest process for you to learn and, more importantly, to explain to your clients.

AND in the Complete Colour Analysis Course you are taught how to use your drapes to expand the 4 season process, using the different colour characteristics.

We offer 3 different Colour Analysis Training options, allowing you to analyse people online &/or in person.

All the Colour Analysis Modules can be studied independently, or as part of a larger course bundle.

We have options for Complete Beginners as well as an Advanced Training Module for Experienced Colour Consultants, who would like to expand their business and offer Virtual Colour Analysis Sessions to their clients.

Do you want to offer Face to Face Colour Analysis Sessions…?

Learn your craft and hone your skills, so that you can offer in-person Colour Analysis Sessions to both individuals and small groups, using a variety of different coloured fabric drapes to determine their best colour palette.

We offer 2 foundational Colour Analysis Courses – Choose from EITHER the Complete Colour Analysis Course or the Essential Colour Analysis Course.

The main difference between these two foundational training courses is the number of drapes that are included. The Complete Colour Analysis Course also includes The Make-up Application Module, giving you the option to offer makeovers to your clients as part of their colour analysis experience.

These modules can be studied independently, in order to enhance your existing business. Or, alternatively they are included in either The Image Professional Course or The Personal Stylist Course.

…Or do you want to offer Virtual Colour Analysis Sessions?

Our Virtual Colour Analysis Advanced Training Module is perfect if you are an experienced colour consultant or if you have completed your foundation colour training and you want to add the option of offering colour analysis sessions to your clients online.

This can be purchased as a stand alone training module or can be added to one of your course options.

What does a Colour Consultant Do?

Works with real people!

It is key to understand what makes your clients tick, so that you can give them the best and most relevant colour advice – for their lives, and personality.

Boosts Confidence

What we do is about so much more than “just” clothes. How we look and present ourselves is often linked directly to our mindset, how we feel and how we interact with others.

Finds Solutions

You will learn the importance of asking the right questions (and listening to the answers!) So that you can gently and expertly guide your clients to the right solution for them.

Meet Gail Morgan


Gail is one of the most highly qualified and experienced image consultants in the World.

She is recognised on both sides of the Atlantic and has over 30 years experience in Styling, Training, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Weeding, Retail, Presenting & Business Mentoring.

Gail will be your Trainer, Coach, Supporter & Guide as you build your Style Career.

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What’s Included in the Training Modules…?

A fantastic bundle of relevant, practical, and upto date colour analysis training. Plus additional support & guidance to help you get started.

In-depth course content, with numerous training videos that were filmed, developed & created specifically for remote learning.

the benefits of colour analysis are…

  • You look amazing & ooze confidence
  • Constantly receiving compliments
  • Having an organised & co-ordinated wardrobe
  • Stress free shopping
  • Saving both time AND money!

Discover which is the best Colour Analysis Training Option for you…


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Complete Colour Analysis

Included in The Image Professional Course and The Colour & Style Consultant Course. This is the ultimate Colour Analysis Course containing 89 drapes, the Make-up Application Module and all the equipment necessary for in-depth, face to face consultations.

Essential Colour Analysis

Included in The Personal Stylist Course, this Colour Analysis Training gives you the opportunity to offer quick and accurate, face to face Colour Analysis Sessions. Containing the 22 essential colour drapes to help you guide your clients towards their best colours.

Virtual Colour Analysis

This is an Advanced Training Module, created for experienced Colour Consultants, who want to expand their business. Allowing you to offer Virtual Colour Analysis sessions and work with clients around the World. A great way to boost your income & impact!

The Individual Course Details…

Complete Colour Analysis

This in-depth training course will enable you how to offer full colour analysis consultations from start to finish, to men, women, groups and individuals.

This training module includes 89 different coloured drapes – allowing you to confidently analyse your clients and demonstrate the best colours for their clothes, make-up, hair and accessories.

Using these additional drapes you will also be able to pin-point the best colour characteristics for your client.

Armed with this information, you could then help them organise their wardrobe &/or take them shopping.

As a BONUS this course also includes the Make-up Application Training module, allowing you to offer make-up advice and application as part of the colour analysis consultation.

Topics covered include:

    • The history, theory and practice of colour analysis.
    • Using your drapes to analyse people accurately.
    • How to demonstrate the effect of the different colours.
    • Listening to your client, building rapport and putting them at their ease.
    • How to rescue any “wrong” colours and introduce new colours into the wardrobe.
    • Advice on flattering accessories, make-up and hair colours.
    • Make-up application techniques – use your own make-up products or your client’s cosmetics to demonstrate how the right coloured make-up can make a difference.
Essential Colour Analysis

Discover how to deliver individual and group colour analysis consultations from start to finish.

This module is perfect for you if you want to offer a quick (but accurate!) analysis to guide your coaching clients when you are helping to build their confidence &/or create their personal/business brand. AND if you are working in their wardrobes or taking them shopping.

Your simple, practical and accurate solution.

This training module includes 22 different coloured drapes – allowing you to confidently analyse your client and discover the best colours for their clothes, make-up, hair and accessories.

Topics covered include:

    • The history, theory and practice of colour analysis.
    • Using your drapes to analyse people effectively.
    • Listening to your client, building rapport and putting them at their ease.
    • How to rescue any “wrong” colours and introduce new colours into the wardrobe.
    • Advice on flattering accessories, make-up and hair colours.

Take this opportunity to learn all about the life-changing powers of Colour Analysis…

I would like everyone to experience the confidence and uplifting effect colour analysis brings.

“I am so glad I did this training with Study in Style. Gail is an amazing trainer and her passion for colour is contagious. The Essential Colour Analysis Course provides a comprehensive platform for face to face colour analysis which flows seamlessly into the virtual world of colour analysis with the Virtual Colour Analysis Module.

I personally would like everyone to experience the confidence, attractiveness and uplifting effect colour analysis brings. Doing this training has provided me with the knowledge and ability to bring this wonderful science to all who want it. For me, this is truly exciting, and I cannot wait to begin!”

Amanda Mountford

Artist & Colour Consultant

Not sure which option is right for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions…

When do the courses start?

You can start any of the Colour Analysis courses or modules as soon as you sign up!

No need to wait or book time off work.

Once your payment has been received, you will be able to access all the online training content – videos, manuals and worksheets.

Any consulting or training equipment will be shipped out to you a couple of days later.

Can I ask questions if I get stuck?

Absolutely! You are not left on your own – when you are training, we are here to support you.

You can join the fortnightly online Q&A training calls and monthly mentoring calls with Gail, to guide you through the training process and beyond.

These calls are a great opportunity to learn from other consultants & trainees.

You can also email us or hop on a call if you have a burning question!

What does the course fee include?

All the courses & modules include access to the online training videos and downloadable manuals, plus ALL the relevant equipment you will need to get started – with no additional costs.

This includes any coloured drapes, swatches, visual aids and equipment, as listed above. As well as on going mentoring calls, and so much more.

Is there an assessment or exam?

As part of the process, you will be asked to submit a number of assignments & assessments to cement your learning.

These are not onerous – just a chance to check on your progress. You will then receive a certificate on completion of your assessments.

We also offer in-person focussed Skills Days with Gail, to help you hone your face to face colour analysis skills.