Stylist Stories – Lesley Clarke

by | 3 Oct 2019

Photo of Lesley Clarke

Lesley Clarke, from Northampton has been working as a Personal Stylist for over 6 years, combining her style business with working part-time in retail.

As part of her Personal Stylist training she also starred in some of the Study in Style training videos so many of you may recognise her!

Lesley has built her business slowly and surely based around networking and connecting. During our conversation we discuss bad business cards, finding a niche, the impact we can make and the importance of collaborating to build a consistent business.

She loves the variety that the job gives her – working mainly with women and some men, running workshops, being on the radio and working with local businesses.

Her social media focus has been Facebook and Instagram as she has found that these work best for finding and supporting her clients.

She is currently busy developing some online style webinars, as well as learning more about how she can incorporate sustainability in her work.

To find out more about Lesley here are links to her website and social media

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