Stylist Stories – Lizzi Richardson

by | 11 Jun 2019

For the next Stylist Story, I met up with and interviewed the super stylish blogger and influencer, Lizzi Richardson, from Loved by Lizzi.

Lizzi Richardson

How Lizzi became a social media influencer…

Lizzi trained with me in 2012, studying colour analysis, make-up and women’s style. And she has subsequently combined her full-time marketing role with creating her style blog and building her following on Instagram.

Importantly, she has used her styling knowledge to deliver informative, fun and creative advice to her thousands of readers.

During our conversation, we discuss corporate dress codes and how consistency in the workplace is key.

Lizzi also explains how her blog has developed over the years. Moving from “this is a great dress go and buy it”, to “how to wear a dress in a variety of different ways to different events or at different times of the day”.

With her clients Lizzi loves getting into their wardrobes and organising their clothes! And is passionate about dressing for ourselves rather than looking like someone else.

“Stay true to your own personal style”

Over the years, Lizzi has consistently built her following both on the blog and on Instagram. So much so that 6 months ago she went part time in her corporate role! In less than 3 years she has increased her followers on Instagram from 500 to almost 7,000.

She has recently re-vamped her website, has been featured in the Daily Mail and as an “influencer” she is invited to press events. She is also “gifted” clothes and accessories to potentially write about or feature in her “Outfit of the Day”.

Her future plans include collaborating with other experts in the image industry so that Loved by Lizzi becomes more of an online magazine.

Lizzi is based in Aylesbury and works mainly in London and the Home Counties, plus she is of course, everywhere online!



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