Stylist Training for Your Business Growth

Boost your revenue AND offer valuable additional services.

Add an Additional Income Stream to Your Business with Stylist Training

Styling combines really well with other professions and services, such as:

  • Life Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Hairdresser
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Retailer

You already have a passion for helping others. So imagine combining your current expertise with the power of styling and unlocking a world of new possibilities. This is the perfect opportunity to take your existing business to new heights.

Get ready to attract a wider client base, differentiate yourself in the market, and enhance your clients’ transformational journeys like never before.

Does this sound good? 

  • Styling is not just about fashion – it’s about empowerment, self-expression, and boosting confidence. By adding styling skills to your repertoire, you can offer a holistic approach that will transform both your business and how your clients feel.
  • Expanding your business to include style services will allow you to attract a range a new clients as well as re-engaging your current customers.
  • You will also stand out from your competitors!
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Don’t worry, no prior colour analysis or style knowledge is required, and there’s no need to have any retail or fashion experience…

How we can help…

We offer a range of Certified Stylist Training Courses, designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to integrate styling seamlessly into your existing services.

The training is flexible and can be studied around your other commitments. And there are no restrictions on how, where and who you can work with in the future.

Our comprehensive courses cover – colour analysis, colour theory, body types, personal image, wardrobe management, and much, much more.

You’ll learn practical techniques to empower your clients and create impactful style transformations.

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Meet Gail Morgan


Gail is one of the most highly qualified and experienced image consultants in the World.

She is an award winning Stylist & Trainer, recognised on both sides of the Atlantic and has over 30 years experience in Styling, Training, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Management, Retail, Presenting & Business Mentoring.

Gail will be your Trainer, Coach, Supporter & Guide as you build your Style Career.

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Discover the Perfect Course for You…

Image Professional Course

Perfect if you would like to start a brand new Styling Business & become a Professional Image Consultant.

Use your in-depth Colour, Style & Wardrobe knowledge to inspire Men, Women & Corporates. Guiding them to increase their visibility & impact

Personal Stylist Course

Perfect if you would like to add Colour Analysis & Styling Services to your existing complimentary business.

Use your Personal Styling skills, to work with men OR women. Sharing your Colour, Style, Wardrobe & Shopping Expertise

woman wearing a colourful outfit and white wig ready for colour anaylsis training

Colour Analysis Training

Perfect if you would like to add Colour Analysis Consultations to your existing complimentary business.

Train to become a Colour Expert, because Colour Analysis transforms lives, wardrobes & businesses. Discover THE Top Style Secret!

Discuss Your Options with Gail

If you would like to chat through your thoughts, plans and dreams &/or discover which would be the best course for you to study, book a no obligation call with Gail by hitting the button below.