Virtual Colour Analysis

by | 30 Jun 2020

If the impact of Covid 19 has taught us anything, it is the need to be flexible and to try new ideas. This is what I have done over the past few months by developing a whole new way of conducting virtual colour analysis sessions online.

A colour analysis session traditionally involves me going to a client’s house or them coming to my studio. This obviously was not possible during the height of lockdown and would currently involve wearing masks and visors. Therefore, analysing accurately becomes both challenging and restrictive.

I love the impact of colour analysis. Knowing this simple piece of information can be life changing to so many people – it certainly changed my life!

During lockdown we have had the opportunity to sort through our wardrobes and discard items that no longer serve us. If you know the colours that flatter you this job becomes a lot easier. Plus, the clothes that remain in your closet suddenly seem to magically work together.

Virtual Colour Analysis Training

I wanted to be able to offer this service to my clients during this time, so they were confident that they were keeping the right clothes. I also wanted to help my existing graduates and students by providing them with an alternative income stream whilst we couldn’t see people face to face.

The templates and process that I created has revolutionised how we work. And I have been able to consult people around the UK and in other parts of the World. This is all possible through the wonders of technology – using Zoom, the templates, and specific photos from the client.

The clients love the fact that they can stay at home, with no need to travel or tidy the house. As a result, I can advise them immediately on items that are in their wardrobe or make-up bag!

My graduates are also using the process with their clients. And many are saying that they prefer it to working face to face!

Here are some of their comments:

I did my first session of online Colour Analysis yesterday. Fab experience. Thanks Gail for all the training and materials!

Kasia Hornby

Thanks so much for a mind-blowing training session! Very exciting. I really enjoyed it and now the possibilities are endless!

Dr Angelique du Toit

I finished the training in online colour analysis today, it was wonderful!

Kareline Sanchez

Virtual consulting is not going to go away. Many more of us are used to working online and it is crazy not to use the technology we have readily available to us.

Click here to find out more about the Online Colour Analysis Training Module

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